Silica sol precision casting of the production process considerations

1. lining thickness

Silica sol precision casting in the manufacturing process, first of all need to be effective lining thickness in accordance with its provisions and to ensure uniformity, the lining is too thick This will make the furnace capacity becomes smaller, which will lead to silica sol precision casting efficiency is reduced, The lining is too thin and easy to accident.

2. Processing materials

Silica sol precision casting materials to be clean, do not mix in the use of sawdust, grass, sand, iron and other debris, the lining must be tamped, and the degree of solidity uniform, just built lining must Sintering process requirements, to complete the sintering before use.

3. Prevent stoma

Silica sol precision casting in the process of its most commonly encountered one of the problems encountered is the product of the internal porosity, for some of the more demanding parts, its internal porosity is absolutely not allowed, so silica sol precision Casting in the processing need to prevent the pores. The company is located in:

Silica sol precision casting in the face of more complex thin-walled castings, in order to be able to effectively improve the permeability of its precision casting shell in the processing of the process can be directly higher than the effective set of its exhaust holes, and its reasonable set pouring system.

Silica sol precision casting so that it can effectively prevent the injection of curl, which can be conducive to the cavity of the gas discharge, in the process of pouring can be properly raised its pouring temperature, as far as possible its pouring mouth distance, its Pouring speed also needs to be reduced.

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