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Henan BinYuan Mechanical Equipment Co.Ltd., located at Zhengzhou, is mainly engaged in  precision/investment/lost wax castings production and processing. It has many years of international trade experience and professional team, and can provide professional support in supply chain management, resource screening, cost optimization, rapid delivery and inventory management for customers.

The company own an area of 40 acres, with Silicasol precision casting production line, machining, polishing and other auxiliary workshops, which can realize one-stop service from mould design and manufacture, blank production, CNC machining to surface mirror polishing. It can provide customers with various kinds of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, ductile iron, and gray iron, which can meet the standard requirements of ASTM, SAE, and German DIN.

The coverage of the company's products include auto parts, agricultural machinery accessories, engineering machinery parts, mineral exploration machinery parts, mining drill bits, drill rods, valves, pumps, hardware, tools and so on. More than 80% products are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries or regions.

The company regards the product quality as life and integrity as the foundation, and strives to meet the demand of customers for precision casting. Welcome all the customers from all over the world to visit!


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Contact: Mr. Wu

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Tel: 86-371-86508251

E-mail: binyuanwy@163.com

Add: High-tech development zone , Zhengzhou , Henan , China .